Anderson Cooper To Interview Gerard Depardieu

Anderson Cooper will interview the man who caused his famous giggle breakdown for his new talk show. Gerard Depardieu, who was booted from a plane for peeing and subsequently caused the famously poker-faced Cooper to lose it on live television, will appear on Tuesday’s episode of Anderson.

It wasn’t too long ago that Anderson Cooper descended into a fit of laughter over a potty-pun filled story about Gerard Depardieu’s ejection from a flight bound for Dublin for peeing in the aisle. The clip of Cooper’s adorable giggle went viral across the internet almost immediately.

Anderson Cooper is debuting his new afternoon talk show today, and his first guests include the family of Amy Winehouse. Gerard Depardieu will be his guest on Tuesday’s show, which will also include appearances by Snooki, Kathy Griffin, and Daniel Radcliffe. Let’s see if Cooper can keep it together this time.

Anderson will air locally at 3pm Central weekdays on WFAA.


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