What’s Bugging Leigh Ann?

bathroom bug 1 e1315430078394 Whats Bugging Leigh Ann?

image Leigh Ann

What in the world is this? When using the ladies room at the radio station, Leigh Ann noticed this small object adhered to the door frame in the bathroom, behind the door.

Here is a closer look. Do you think that it is a listening device or a bug? Or a mini camera?  Or is it a new type of panic button? What is it?

bathroom bug 2 e1315429930394 Whats Bugging Leigh Ann?

image Leigh Ann

It’s about the size of a nickel and a quarter of an inch thick.  It’s about four feet high. It looks like a large battery. But if it is, what’s it doing stuck to the door frame? Reliable sources have confirmed that there is one in the men’s room as well.

Tell Leigh Ann what you think it might be.

Mystery Solved. It is a temperature sensor. Read more about it here:

DS1922L iButton® Thermochron®

I guess that nothing is better than a warm bathroom.


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