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Paris Hilton Walks Out Of Interview After Kardashian Questions

Poor little rich girl…

Paris Hilton recently stormed off the set of an ABC News interview, when reporter Dan Harris asked “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?” Harris also asked if Hilton was concerned that Kim Kardashian was usurping her popularity.

Looks like the answer to that question is “yes.”

While Kim K just raked in a million bucks from PEOPLE Magazine for the photo exclusives to her wedding, and another undisclosed amount from the E! Network for her hour long wedding special, Paris can’t get a break in the reality TV world.

Long gone are the days of Paris learning to milk cows with former BFF Nicole Richie. According to TMZ (via, Paris just got word that her reality show The World According to Paris on the Oxygen network was cancelled. Apparently no one watched the first season.

  • sakara

    i don’t own a tv, so i learn about these rich, yet worthless, people on sites like this (and also while glancing through the tabloids at walmart).

  • Steph

    It’s true no one cares about Paris anymore. Soon no one will care about Kim K. I for one am already Kim K’d out. On to the next…

  • murlyn

    can’t say I blame her……what difference would it make anyway, with anyone, if it DID bother her? Pointless questions, meant to humiliate, should not be condoned by any network. Actors n actresses are constantly being compared to others, which is the same as comparing “apples to oranges”, all different, all different attitudes, all different expectations, all different goals. One constant, unscrupulous media “players”

  • Toya

    Hah! its about time she sees no one is interested in her anymore. Kim stole your light baby girl!! Wait.. nvm. You never had light in the first place.

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