Lite’s Review Room – Movie Weekend

The weekend is fast approaching and that means that there are new movies hitting the cinema.  Lite’s Review Room takes a look at the stinkiest (literally, you can smell it) movie with Spy Kids 4 and a classic vampire movie remade with a classic movie hunk in Fright Night.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World in 4D

The Fourth installment of the Spy Kids series features a brand new cast from the last, simply 3D, piece of the series.   Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, and Jeremy Piven star in this family action adventure film.   Alba is a retired spy who is trying to settle down with McHale, their new baby and McHale’s two kids (super intelligent and great at being spies) when Jeremy Piven’s character the “Time Keeper” threatens to take over the world and Alba is called back into duty.  Alba ends up getting help from her new step kids and new husband, all the while still being a good mom to the young baby.

What is really interesting in the 4D aspect.   Director Robert Rodrieguez developed what he calls “Aroma-Scope” that corresponds smells with the movie with the help of indicators.  How it works: Viewers are given scratch-and-sniff cards with circles numbered 1 to 8. When a number appears on screen, they rub the corresponding circle on their cards, and get the smell of what the characters are smelling.  Rodriguez says it tested well with parents and kids during test screening.  We’re buying it.   A fun way to allow the kids to feel more like they are apart of the movie.

We know there will be enough of the adult undertones to keep us interested (reportedly, Alba does a fight scene while in labor, not very plausible, but should be entertaining) and the Spy Kids movies haven’t let us down yet with the kiddos, so we’re ready to get our 4D experience.


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