Dr. Oz Wants You To Toss Out Triclosan

Dr. Oz has an event in Dallas Thursday taping for an upcoming episode. Dallas is one of 10 cities that Dr. Oz is asking to toss out the “Toxic 10,” and there’s items he’d like for you to bring to Victory Park and toss out.

Dr. Oz wants you to get serious about toxins, so he’s asking Dallas to check your house for products containing the toxin triclosan or triclocarban.  Bring those to Victory Park Plaza on Thursday and toss them in Dr. Oz’s dump truck.  ”When in doubt, throw it out,” says Dr. Oz.

The items you’ll want to check for triclosan are soaps, body wash and toothpastes. You’ll also want to look at other personal care items, cosmetics, and items advertising anti-bacterial qualities. Beyond Pesticides.org has a good list of specific products.

The Dr. Oz “Toxic 10” Dump Truck will be in Victory Park Plaza on Thursday, August 18th from 11am-1pm.


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