Lite’s Review Room – Movie Weekend – The Help, Glee and More!

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The Help

It’s Thursday and that means Lite’s Review Room will help get you ready for the weekend by taking a look at this weeks new movies.  This week we have ‘The Help‘, ‘Glee the 3D Concert Movie‘ and a few other movies that will be debuting this week.

Lite’s Review Room got some help from KRLD‘s Julie Fisk provided this review of the movie based on the hugely popular New York Times #1 Best Seller:

The Help stars Emma Stone as a writer in the deep South, who teams up with 2 local housekeepers to write a book about the white households they work for. I, like the 5 million people who bought “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, love this book so I was nervous about the movie. Plus, “The Help” is coming out at a point in the Summer when studios tend to sneak out the stinkers.

But here comes a film starring wonderful actresses like Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer, who play Aibilene & Minnie, the house-keepers who risk their jobs & lives to speak out.Emma Stone plays Skeeter, the writer they collaborate, but it’s hard to buy her as the main character. Skeeter is supposed to be awkward & unattractive, not Emma Stone.  [photogallerylink id=50353 align=right]

The relationship between Skeeter & her own housekeeper Constantine, is also disappointing. Fans of the book will notice big changes in that storyline, and there’s not real connection between Emma Stone & Cicely Tyson, who plays Constantine. Other than that, the movie is lovely and thankfully, NOT a disappointment.

We might even see some of these actresses on the short list when Oscar time rolls around, so I’m giving “The Help” a B+. But my biggest complaint about this movie is the same complaint I had about the book.

The story ends during the heat of the Civil Rights Movement, so we don’t REALLY know what happens to our courageous housekeepers. People who spoke out for equality were dealt with harshly in the South at that time, so things would have been especially dangerous for them. Just wish we knew exactly how it out for Aibilene & Minnie.

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