Chances Are We May Fall Shy Of 1980 Record

120270941 Chances Are We May Fall Shy Of 1980 Record

Photo by STEPHANIE PILICK/AFP/Getty Images

There’s a chance that we might not crack the record for most 100 degrees-or-more days in a row. Gene & Julie talk to KRLD’s Krista Villarreal.

Today is the 40th day in our long streak of 100 degree heat, and there’s a slight chance that we might not crack that 1980 record after all.

The high pressure ridge is starting to shift to the west a little, allowing a cold front to edge closer to Texas. This could bring cloud cover to North Texas and cool us off for at least one day.  Krista’s forecast says 101 Friday & 100 Saturday.

This small window of chance that we may see a cool off for at least a day could upset a lot of folks as most of us are on board to break this record. We’ve come this far.  However, even if we only hit 99 on one day, we’re right back into triple digit heat next week.


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