The Wave To Stop “The Wave”

120430089 The Wave To Stop The Wave

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There’s a movement to stop “The Wave” at Rangers‘ games. Gene & Julie talk to Greg Holland about the wave to Stop The Wave.

To wave, or not to wave, that is the question.  The Rangers have been posting a “PSA” during games that claims children caught doing the wave will be sold to the circus. The Rangers tongue-in-cheek stab at “The Wave” has gained momentum from those who aren’t a fan of undulating crowds.  Some of the players call it distracting, and there are fans who are put off by “that one guy” who yells at the whole section to start the wave.

It’s mostly about respecting the game, the players, and other fans.  If it’s a close game or the Rangers are at bat, don’t do the wave.

Greg Holland has created a website, Stop The  He has fun t-shirts with a picture of someone not doing The Wave.

If you are a fan of The Wave, the University of Michigan is famous for their Wave that changes speed, direction, and splits into Waves.  Have a look!

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