Women Get Cold Feet About Their Shoe Size

118760935 Women Get Cold Feet About Their Shoe Size

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Add shoe size to the list of things women are a little less than truthful in revealing.  This goes especially for women wearing size 10 or larger.

Women with big feet are buying more shoes online than in stores these days.  In an article in The Daily Mail, British department store Debenham’s noticed that 67% of shoe sales for size 9 (US size 11) were made online. All this to save face by not having to ask for larger size shoes or even take their shoes off in public. Stores are now accommodating by putting more larger sizes out on sales floors so that shoppers don’t have to ask for the larger sizes.

Ladies with big feet, take heart!  You are not alone in the clown shoe department.  Among celebrity women with large feet are First Lady Michelle Obama (11), Nicole Kidman (11), Paris Hilton (11), Kate Winslet, (11), Sigourney Weaver (10), and Geena Davis (11).

If you want to read the article from The Daily Mail, CLICK HERE.

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