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What’s In Leigh Ann’s Backseat?

question mark blue Whats In Leigh Anns Backseat?

getty images

On the way to work Leigh Ann bought something and now it’s in her backseat. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, Leigh Ann has made a purchase. Nothing new you say. But wait! Can you guess what it is? It may not be what you think.

backseat thing Whats In Leigh Anns Backseat?

image by Leigh Ann

Tell us what you think is in Leigh Ann’s backseat.

The THING in Leigh Ann’s backseat is:

backseat thing 2 e1312410443504 Whats In Leigh Anns Backseat?

image Leigh Ann


Did you ever think Leigh Ann would buy one of those.

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  • Gerda Coakley

    Leigh Ann, you take lousy pictures, I have to say!!For heavens sake , how can anybody guess what that blob is, lol!!

  • Brad Danyluk

    It appears to be a ” Leapord ” color strait jacket…….
    something you may need if the heat does not dissapate….

  • darcy

    it looks like a fish or somthing!!

  • Kimmy

    a mop?

  • Laura

    Looks like a large oversized clown!

  • Linda

    What’s in LeighAnn’s back seat looks like a dogs rope toy, or a floatation device , there’s a lot of twisted rope, blurred.

  • Laura Leach

    Looks like a giant clown.

  • Sammye

    A nail file? (That’s going off the hint you gave, can’t tell anything by the pic!)

  • Julyia

    Oh LeighAnn that mop is much too pretty for you to use …. go ahead and hire it done, and save this beautiful piece of art :-)
    Glad you are back from vacation!

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