Krista Villarreal Has Tips On How To Beat The Heat

hot sun Krista Villarreal Has Tips On How To Beat The Heat

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Gene and Julie spoke with Krista Villarreal about things you can do to keep safe in this high heat.

Triple digits are expected through the weekend, follow these tips to stay healthy, even with a Heat Index of over 105.

Drink Lots Of Water: If you’re going to be out doors be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Adults should drink around 32 oz of water every hour to stay safe.

Take Breaks When Outdoors: If you do have to work outside, take lots of indoor breaks in the air conditioning. Parents should watch their children for strange behavior, well more strange than normal, and take them inside if needed.

Dress Lightly: When you do have to go outside in the heat be sure to wear light colors and light materials. That way you don’t heat up as quickly when you’re in the sunlight.

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