Roy William’s Falls Out Of Love And Into A Lawsuit

105135747 Roy Williams Falls Out Of Love And Into A Lawsuit

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It seemed so romantic: It was Valentine’s Day, and Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams bought a ring to propose and make his beauty-queen girlfriend his bride.

Fast-forward  to summer, and now he is not only asking for the ring back, but is suing his former flame.

Roy Williams, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys bought a $76,000 ring back in February for his then-girlfriend Brooke Daniels. While the initial gesture was nice, the way he proposed was not how most people would go about performing such an intimate moment.

Williams sent the pricey-engagement ring  in the mail with a voice recording asking her to marry him. Daniels, a former Miss Texas USA, declined the offer.  When the wide receiver asked for her to return the sparkler, she  claimed it was lost. Roy filed a lawsuit asking to prevent Daniels from doing anything with the ring. It was discovered her father has the ring and is currently keeping it with him.


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