Creepy Or Cool? Princess Di ‘Walks’ With Kate Middleton

This week’s cover of Newsweek features a computer generated image of Princess Diana as she might look today. The eerie picture shows her “walking” next to her son’s new bride, Kate Middleton, looking stylish and, of course, attractive; surely what she would be if she lived to see her 50th birthday this Friday.

princessdi kate Creepy Or Cool? Princess Di Walks With Kate Middleton


Here’s a link to the article on Newsweek >

The article was written by Diana biographer and Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, Tina Brown.

“What would she have been like?” Brown asks of Diana. “Still great-looking: that’s a given.”

The magazine’s new issue also features an imagined Diana Facebook page and a slideshow comparing the fashion styles of Diana and Kate, who married Diana’s oldest child, Prince William, in April 2011.


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