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If You’re Getting Sick, There’s An App For That

sneeze e1309182286988 If Youre Getting Sick, Theres An App For That

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Millions of people use social media everyday, making it a part of their daily routine. So when they start to get sick, supposedly their online socializing changes with it.

A new startup has unveiled an Android app that uses your phone’s activity to detect the onset of the common cold, the flu, and depression.

DailyData, developed by a group of MIT alumni, collects text, calling, and location data from your phone then looks for deviations from your baseline—and alerts you when something could be wrong.

For example: When you’re depressed, the way you communicate often tends to change. In tests, the app correctly identified 60% to 90% of symptomatic days for mental health and respiratory conditions.

But you should probably still keep your doctor’s number. “We’re not a diagnosis,” says the developer. “We’re an early warning, self-support, self-serve tool.”

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