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Have You Ever Seen One Of These?

sign e1308863370941 Have You Ever Seen One Of These?

image Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann recently saw this sign while she was out and about. What do you think about it?

Do you think that fuel-efficient vehicles should get special parking up front? What is considered a fuel-efficient vehicle? What are the standards?

Let us know your opinion.

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  • Janna

    Was this a LEED certified building? Part of the LEED certification process gives points to provision of parking for fuel efficient vehicles. You can read more about LEED on their website. More and more of this will be seen as our focus aims towards more environmentally friendly designed and constructed buildings.
    – Janna, RID, IIDA

  • Kim Brazeal

    That sign will be removed the first time someone gets towed… who is the fuel efficiency judge?

  • Rafael

    Define fuel efficient. Hybrids aren’t o have one . I would have parked there my Tahoe hybrid, very fuel efficient ha

  • Gwen

    Just because you drive a fuel efficient vehicle does not give them the right to park closer or any other special privileges. The ONLY up front parking places to be reserved should only be for the handicaped. That is ridiculous.

  • Danny

    I live in Grand Prairie and I have seen preferential resereved parking for hybrid vehicles before. It is a great way to encourage people to drive earth friendly vehicles. These signs are a bit confusing however because what may be fuel efficient vehicles to some may not seem so much to others.

  • Susan O

    I’ve never seen one of these signs before either. I would have parked there and I drive a BIG suv. It’s fuel efficient – I buy fuel and it consumes the fuel just fine. :-).

  • Travis

    I see your frustration. The way I see it is that it is a reward that the driver gets for purchasing one of those vehicles because they are helping out the environment

  • Ma Mma Chez

    Yes, the new Chik-fil-A on W 7th St, at Montgomery Plaza, in Fort Worth has 3-4 signs for “fuel efficient” vehicles. IMHO, only the handicap and pregnant/those transporting a pregnant woman should be allowed closer parking.

  • Athena

    What a joke! How much does it cost to make these signs?

  • Pam

    To conserve energy, you would think they would want the gas guzzlers to park quickly. Don’t want them driving around and around looking for a parking spot and ruining the environment!

  • Pat

    It’s like those handicapped signs that everyone takes advantage of ! No one cares.

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