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The Facebook Universe

facebook e1307535074483 The Facebook Universe

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It seems as if almost every person, business, and organization has a Facebook account these days, but some people still refuse to set up an account.

While it seems odd to the people who use the site regularly, the ones who are not have some interesting reasons for not joining the Facebook universe.

Gene & Julie asked listeners today if they had a Facebook account, and if not, why are they not on Facebook?

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One person loves Facebook and their Facebook friends so much that he had their profile pictures tattooed on his arm:

  • Jennifer Tatsch

    I can understand why some people wouldn’t have a FB account. Maybe they aren’t technically savvy, our just plain don’t want to be found online… I really only use mine to show pics of the the children to the grand folks, which I had to set up their accounts to do so… I love checking my friends feeds… however I do think that some people have gotten out of control with it becoming their only link to the outside. If I find out about another marriage or pregnancy via FB, I JUST MIGHT EXPLODE!

  • Tanika Carr

    I don’t have a facebook page simply because I feel if you want to know whats going on with me and vice versa then you should call or I should call you. The computer is supposed to be a device that makes things easier not the answer to never having to interact with other human beings. I understand the occasional catch -up via social networks but as Jennifer Tatsch mentions it’s getting a little out of control.

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