10 Tips To Keep Your Gas Costs Down!

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It’s summer time and a number of us with the kids out and vacationing will probably be behind the wheel even more than normal.

 If you haven’t noticed, gas prices haven’t gone down and we will probably be at $4.00 per gallon very soon!

So here are some tips to help you!

With gasoline prices at $3.84 per gallon, on average, and likely to hit $4 by summer, you’re probably feeling the pain at the pump.

However, there are ways to keep gas costs under control. Chris Faulkner, CEO of Texas-based Breitling Oil & Gas Co., offers these ten tips:

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1. Download a gas app to find cheaper prices. You can use your smart phone to comparison shop for the lowest gas prices in your zip code with a free app such as GasBuddy.

If you don’t have a smart phone, visit GasBuddy.com or gasprices.mapquest.com before you leave home or the office to check gas prices online.

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2. Don’t buy gas near the highway. People like convenience, but gas stations near the highway charge 10 cents to 15 cents a gallon more, Faulkner says.

Drive a little farther from the interchange to find a better deal (this is where the GasBuddy app is handy). If you’re traveling, gas up in a rural town rather than a large city because prices will be lower.


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