The Wolfpack Will Be Back

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Don’t fear, The Hangover 2 will be in a theater near you this weekend.

Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist won’t stop this weekend’s release of Hangover II. Victor Whitmill has sued for copyright infringement because one of the characters ends up with same tattoo the artist designed for the boxer.

But a federal judge has ruled that it’s unreasonable to expect Warner Bros—and theaters around the country—to change things up this close to the release date. The judge, however, allowed the copyright suit to continue. Warner Bros may well have to pay Victor Whitmill some kind of settlement. “I would imagine that the court will lean in favor of the copyright holder,” says an entertainment lawyer. “The design is registered. That should give a savvy party like a studio notice as to the artist’s intent to protect his work.”

In cast you don’t know what The Hangover 2 is about, watch the trailer:

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