Pepsi Designs A Drink Machine For The Social Networker

pepsi Pepsi Designs A Drink Machine For The Social Networker

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Pepsi, yes the soft drink folks,  have decided that this Social Networking thing may be something. So the next time you go to the vending machine you maybe able to get more than a drink for yourself.

(CNN) – Pepsi has unveiled a prototype of its social networking vending, which lets users send drinks to their friends thousands of miles away.

To use the machine’s sharing feature, a customer enters his or her friend’s name, cell number and even a personalized message video on a touchscreen.

The customer’s friend then gets a text with a code and instructions for how to redeem it on another machine.

Social media experts said a vending machine like this is long overdue, although there are some concerns over personal privacy.

Pepsi plans to try out the social vending machines later this year.

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