I Knew Our Parents Were Lying!

pinocchio disney I Knew Our Parents Were Lying!

Photo Courtesy of Disney

I am very much the type of person who if you told me something at a young age it probably stuck with me and chances are I might even still believe it today.

But to think that there were so many our parents told us and they just weren’t true! For your daily entertainment here are the 10 lies our parents told us and some of us still believed until reading this piece. Feel free to send them a “Thank You” note for getting you good!


Drinking coffee will make you short

coffee health howstuffworks com I Knew Our Parents Were Lying!

Photo Courtesy of Howstuffworks.com

This is possibly the oddest of our entries, primarily because how it even got started is something of a mystery. However, a possible explanation would be that parents try to deter kids from drinking something that makes them hyperactive. Whatever the explanation, the bottom line is this: coffee will not influence height. Numerous studies have been done into the effects of coffee on the body. Some suggest it reduces the risk of certain cancers. Others say it may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes or increase male fertility. Nowhere has it been shown that drinking coffee stunts your growth.


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