Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart-Wrenching Duets From ‘Glee’

glee adam rose fox Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

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Do you have a date for prom tonight? Glee’s bound-for-drama-and-catfights prom, that is? This week, a video teaser of  Rachel and her sexy, but devious ex-boyfriend from Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse St. John, popped up. If that is not emotion-evoking enough, the teaser shows them singing Adele’s smash-hit song “Rolling In The Deep.”

We started thinking about all the different heart-wrenching, tear-provoking amalgamations of couples have occured in the tiny confines of McKinley High’s New Directions and the duets these relationships have inspired.

Grab a box of tissues, watch Rachel and Jesse sing “Rolling In The Deep,” then check out our other favorite duets from seasons past.

10. Rachel and Jesse-“Rolling In The Deep

glee ep201 sc38 075 adam rose Glee Prom: Top Ten Most Heart Wrenching Duets From Glee

As much as we think Finnchel is a cute couple in their own dramatic way, we’ve always loved Jesse St. John and Rachel together. Even though he was set up to crush on her, there is a steamy dynamic between the two that makes the relationship seem a lot more adult than Finn and Rachel together.

Watching them sing “Rolling In The Deep” from tonight’s episode is just further proof that their chemistry is jaw-dropping.


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