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What Is Different With This Picture?

wrong name e1304367897757 What Is Different With This Picture?

FOX News

Something in this picture is not the way we usually see it . Can you find what the difference is?

This was the picture that Fox News Channel ran Sunday evening, after the announcement that Bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces. Leigh Ann snapped a picture of the TV screen because she had never seen this before. What do you think is different?

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  • Robert

    Pres Obama: Terrorist

  • Robert

    “Usama” rather than “Osama”

  • jessica

    its says usama instead of OSAMA??

  • Robert

    and lastly
    ……Bin Laden

  • jeanette

    I saw this last night, and wondered when they began spelling OSAMA BIN LADEN with a “U” (Usama). Is this what you thought was wierd?

  • Leesha

    Osama bin Laden’s name is usually translated from the Arabic as Osama, but can also be translated Usama, which may be a closer, more accurate translation.

  • kim strange

    Name Osama is spelled Usama?

  • Amy

    It’s NOT “USAMA” Bin Laden-I noticed it last nite

  • Kimmy

    Osama is USAma
    other than that idk?


    That is not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope is was honest mistake

  • Carrie

    Why in the world USA is in that evil mans first name at the bottom of the screen?

    • Carrie

      oops typo, is USA

  • Sharon

    Osama is spelled diff.

  • alicia

    Incorrect spelling of Osama

  • tammy

    the U in USAMA should be a O for Osama and the way the picture shows it it looks like USA ?

  • J'Nell

    Osama is spelled USAma and there is only one letter different in Obama’s name!!

  • Traci

    Some of the CNN reports referred to him as Usama, and in quotes from military officials they speak of the target of that raid as “UBL”.

  • Janie

    Yes, how dare they write U S A MA
    Like he is the mother of the U S A Ha Ha

  • Tina Bayless

    yea definitely it says usama instead of osama. major typo

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