Bananas Over The Wedding

royal bananas Bananas Over The Wedding

Picture: Keisuke Yamada / Rex Features

Royal Wedding craziness is everywhere. These sculptures were carved by Keisuke Yamada of Japan. Can you guess the material that they are carved in?

“A Japanese man is so bananas about the royal wedding he has sculpted Will and Kate – out of bananas. Keisuke Yamada usually creates fantasy characters by gently carving the fruit’s flesh but couldn’t resist trying his hand at the happy couple. The 23-year-old electrician took half an hour to make each face using a spoon and toothpick. Mr Yamada explains: “l am used to sculpting weird faces and ghouls, but trying to capture the features of Prince William and Kate was a fun challenge. I hope they will be flattered by my tribute to them and I wish them a very happy marriage.” Although he is proud of his work, Mr Yamada will not be exhibiting it. “I always eat the bananas after I have photographed them,” he says.”(

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