Thursday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Saying The Wrong Thing


delilah dl Thursdays Delilahs Dilemma, Saying The Wrong Thing

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Tonight’s dilemma is from a man who said something to his wife, that was not received in the way it was intended.


Don has been married for many years and has six children. Recently he told his wife that when he married her, he loved her but, was not in love with her. He then explained that he loved her more than he ever could possible imagine. Well, she felt that he had tricked her, which lead to arguments. Recently Don came home and his wife and children were gone. He doesn’t know where they have gone. Don doesn’t know what to do.

What words of wisdom can Delilah offer that will help Don with his dilemma?

Listen to Delilah’s Dilemma for Thursday, April 28th.



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