How Much Will The Royal Wedding Cost?

111975999 How Much Will The Royal Wedding Cost?

Photo by Adrian Dennis - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Royal Wedding countdown is almost up! As a result, anticipation is high and news outlets from around the world are camped outside Westminster Abbey. The question on everyone’s mind – how much will the Royal Wedding cost in total?

The 1981 wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was a lavish affair! So lavish in fact, that it reportedly carried a price tag of 4 to 30 million pounds. Pricey!

However, it’s been reported that Prince William and Kate‘s wedding nuptials will actually dwarf his royal parents estimated total. Sources close to the couple are suggesting that the highly anticipated event will round out at about 80 million pounds!

If you’re not sure about the conversion, we’ve done the math for you – it’s approximately $132 million! Yikes.

Sources report, that security is set to cost about 20 million pounds. Another insider states, that there will be two different receptions for the couple. A breakfast reception for 600 guests will be hosted by the Queen and a dinner reception for an estimated 300 guest will be hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Several of these reported guest are expected to be celebrities and political figures.

Hungry for more royal info? There is an official website that you can visit for additional details.

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