Recessionista Recipes: 10 Delicious Ways To Get Rid Of Those Peeps

5 peeps william thomas cain getty images Recessionista Recipes: 10 Delicious Ways To Get Rid Of Those Peeps

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It’s the day after a long, sugar-filled holiday weekend. And guess what? You still have all that candy around your house.

Keeping chocolate or other candy is easy. There is never a time when you don’t have a “chocolate emergency.” But what do you do with your Peeps–those sugary yellow and pink chickens and rabbits that just get stale and useless?

We’ve got Ten Delicious Recipes To Get Rid Of Your Peeps. Beyond the age-old “what-happens-when-you-put-a-peep-in-the-microwave” experiment.

1 peeps william thomas cain getty images Recessionista Recipes: 10 Delicious Ways To Get Rid Of Those Peeps

PeepShi (Peep Sushi)

It sounds sort of disgusting, but Grace Kang and company created an adorable way to make Peeps into something creative and appealing–all year long.

Here’s Kang’s hilarious story behind the PeepShi revolution:

The Peepshi tradition calls for certain deviations from the standard sushi-eating customs you’re used to seeing at, say, a sushi bar. Since Serious Eats has come to embody the contemporary Peeps revolution, I feel comfortable in providing a beginner’s guide to enjoying Peepshi. It can be a roller coaster ride of sugar, and let me just say that you never want to be the first person booting at a Peeps party.


  • 6 Peeps per roll, 1 Peep per handroll, 1 Peep per nigiri
  • 1 box of Rice Krispies Treats
  • 1 box of Fruit by the Foot


1. Slice off six 3/16th inch slices lengthwise from a Rice Krispies Treat (Please don’t kill yourself trying to get exactly 3/16 inches. There are more important things to worry about, like beheading Peeps!).

2. Execute six Peeps of your color choice by decapitation. Cut off more neck than you think is appropriate. If necessary, you can trim off more later.

3. Portion out a length of Fruit by the Foot slightly longer than the Rice Krispies Treat slice.

4. Flatten and elongate the Rice Krispies Treat slice slightly and shape it into a hollow circle. It’s okay if it breaks, just mold it back together again.

5. Take a Peep head and tuck it into the top of the hollow Rice Krispies treat cylinder. Use a toothpick or tip of the a knife to help get it snug.

6. Wrap the Fruit by the Foot strip around your roll. Some folding and nipping may be necessary to get the cleanest look.

7. Serve at room temperature.

[Source: Serious Eats]


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