Curious Cat Wants Dolphin Kisses!


You know I am a total animal lover.

I have a ZOO at the house.

I personally have 3 dogs (Mac, Ally and Cooper) along with 2 cats (Faith and Hill) and currently I am taking care of my Dad’s French Mastiff “Tank” and his Parrot “Boo-Boo” while he is in California.

It totally intrigues me when different types of animals come together for the first time to see how they interact.

But what happens when a house cat meets a school of dolphins in the middle of the ocean?

I have always been fascinated with dolphins.

Growing up in San Diego, CA it was great to have that unexpected encounter with them while in the ocean. They are super loving and friendly.

But this video is just really cool.

A house cat (and you know cats hate water) coming in contact with a school of dolphins while out boating.

I will let the video speak for itself!




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