Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas–April 7th-April 14th

gwen stefani jemal countess getty images Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas  April 7th April 14th

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Dear star-crossed lovers, allow me to engage in some astrologer mumbo-jumbo for a second in order to explain why you may feel so emotionally restless these last few days: Aries is in six planets (soon maybe seven), Mercury is in retrograde, and for the first time since 1847, Neptune has moved into its ruling sign of Pisces.

What does Neptune do and why is its influence so important now? Neptune rules the dream word, the subconscious, the spiritual, mystical, and the kind of overwhelming psychic energy perfectly timed with all the “end-of-times” predictions.

I’m not saying the world is going to end anytime soon, but with Neptune in Pisces people’s ideas of what the world should be will change. Neptune expands our levels of consciousness making us look past out previous psychological crutches and our addiction to modern technology (a product of Neptune being in progress-loving Aquarius since 1998).

You might be having wild prophetic dreams, having psychic premonitions, or feeling abnormally pulled in by your instincts. Don’t ignore any of this. Write it down, figure it out what it means for your life path, and realize that nothing is “just because.” Don’t take universal connections for granted.

Go forth and read the details on your sun sign! If you know your rising sign, read that too.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

joss stone ian gavan getty images Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas  April 7th April 14th

Artistic Aries-Joss Stone: Photo by Ian Gavan//Getty Images

Time to let go of your vehement, usually impenetrable life commandments and grab hold of your wildest dreams.  Aries likes to be in control, so having to delve into your subconscious might be a little difficult and a lot unsettling, but once you get the hang of it, you might be to able to create your dreams into reality with your typical Aries confidence.

Luckily, there is massive amounts of Aries energy going on this month as well, so you aren’t left on a shimmery Pisces cloud with no device to get you down.

Just remember that a lot of success in life is not just drive and ambition. It’s also because of a keen case of cosmic synchronicity. Meeting “the one,” dodging an accident, learning the right facts at the right time; if these things didn’t happen, you wouldn’t know when to put your most fiery foot forward.



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