Lose In The Waist… Or The Wallet

gym Lose In The Waist... Or The Wallet

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Talk about an incentive to go to the gym!

Gym-Pact  is a system similar to Groupon and Living Social that offers members  discounts on fitness and yoga centers.

The catch? Gym-Pact also fines its members for missing their work-outs.

People who have a hard time making it to the gym now have extra incentive to go the gym. Gym-Pact fines customers who don’t show up for their work out sessions.

Currently only located in the Boston area, members get deals and discounts on fitness centers and yoga studios by committing to a certain number of days per week. If they miss a workout, they have to pay a $10 fine, which is called a “motivational fee.” The system uses a text-message-based password system, so that the members have to check in via text in order to get credit for going to work out.

Source: Yahoo! Sports-ThePostGame


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