Brunette vs. Blonde

blondebrunette e1296738291496 Brunette vs. Blonde

Is better to be a brunette or a blonde?

Gene brought a list that may help answer often-asked question.

Are brunettes better than blondes?

  • Body art is rated as more attractive on brunettes
  • Brunettes are perceived as more worldy and mature
  • Brunettes are believed to be more self-sufficient
  • Brunettes are perceived as more serious
  • Brunettes are perceived as being less temperamental
  • Brunettes are thought to be more capable
  • Brunettes are thought to earn more money
  • Brunettes are perceived as more intelligent
  • Men feel more successful with a brunette by their side
  • Brunettes are viewed as marriage material

Do you prefer the celebrities in this clip are better as blondes or brunettes?


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