Will Ferrell Heads To ‘The Office’

will Will Ferrell Heads To The OfficeI can’t imagine anyone else better than Will Ferrell to guest star on the office – and as Michael Scott’s boss at that! Carrel and Ferrell have made a great team in the past in movies like Anchorman, one of my personal favorites and absolutely hilarious.

With Carrell leaving the show, fans are going to need some emotional relief and stop focusing on the fact that Michael Scott will be no more. 

Its going to be sad not having the hilarious antics of Michael Scott on the show, but fans will make due. Who knows, maybe Ferrell will like working on the show enough to be a permanent replacement. I feel that there’s so much that could be done with his character that a replacement could almost be a refreshing facelift for the show. Ferrell’s temporary stay on the show will be enough to boost the ratings for a little while, as he could guest star on a show for one episode and have loyal fans raving. There are countless numbers of stupid things Ferrell will probably do on the show. Maybe he will copy himself, fire someone unexpectedly, or get stuck somewhere. Judging from his past films it will most likely be all of the above.

As The Office is already a hit, Ferrell and Carell will make a dynamic duo and hopefully distract fans from Carell’s departure. No one likes working in an office; will they like an office minus a hilarious boss? Ferrell will take care of it.



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