Please, Don’t Text and Walk: You May End Up In a Mall Fountain!

texting1 Please, Dont Text and Walk: You May End Up In a Mall Fountain!

Watch where you're going!

I know pretty much everyone loves to text on their phones (except maybe grandma) but as a public service message to all of our listeners – please DO NOT text and walk at the same time.

Or else this might happen…

Cathy Cruz Marrero became an instant sensation last week when hilarious footage of her falling into a fountain while texting on her phone at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, PA hit the interwebs. But the 49-year-old hit the media this week to let everyone know how embarrassed she was, even though no one even knew it was her before she appeared on TV.

Well they do now, dopey.


Oh but the plot thickens…

Cathy is apparently looking for someone to sue now because the clip (which IS security camera footage) found it’s way online. So… who’s gonna get the last laugh here? Probably Cathy.

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So my question to you is … Has anything ever happened to you while you were texting? Have you ever walked into a door, Justin Bieber style? Ever walk into a wall or parked car? Fall off a cliff? Hit your head on a low hanging branch of failure?

Holla back in the comments section below!

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