Gene And Julie Discuss Why Couples Argue

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arguing Gene And Julie Discuss Why Couples Argue

A new study found that most couples argue 312 times each year. Little things like leaving wet towels on the bed and flipping between TV channels were cited as why one in five couples separate. What is also interesting is that fights often occur on Thursday evenings.


1. Shavings in the sink
2. Dirty toilet
3. Flipping TV channels
4. Not replacing the toilet paper
5. Leaving the seat up
6. Leaving lights on
7. Leaving dirty cups around the house
8. Leaving wet towels on the floor/bed
9. Hoarding stuff
10. Not flushing the toilet


1. Taking too long to get ready
2. Nagging about chores
3. Leaving lights on
4. Hair in the drain
5. Hoarding stuff
6. Overfilling trash cans
7. Leaving tissues around the house
8. Leaving dirty cups around the house
9. Flipping TV channels
10. Watching trashy TV

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