Do Real Men Wear UGG’s?

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tom brady rs1 Do Real Men Wear UGGs?

Elsa/Getty Sport

Tom Brady is the new face of UGG.

Could be that the three-time world championship QB is in touch with his feminine side? Or, is he just plan tired of cold feet?

Women have been enjoying the fashion and warmth for years and finally UGG has crossed genders.

chucksters uggsrs Do Real Men Wear UGGs?

They look like normal guy boots. The sheep that donated their wool for the lining inside should hold their little sheep-heads high!

I have never owned a more comfortable boot. Ladies, if your guy can get past ‘the UGG’ part, give him the gift of warm dogs.

Tom Brady and Gisele star in… “Rippin’ on Tom Brady and his UGG’s”



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