Trends: Are Green Day Going ‘Glee’ On Us?

greenday e1294919544911 Trends: Are Green Day Going Glee On Us?

Punk rockers Green Day are bringing their music to a theatre near you; their musical take on album American Idiot is becoming a hot Hollywood property, according to Spin.

Not only that, but they’re reputedly working on a new musical. But where might Billie Joe get inspiration? Trends takes a look.

Green Day’s top five tracks have remained pretty much unchanged for the last couple of years;

top 5 green day 001 Trends: Are Green Day Going Glee On Us?

Those numbers keep climbing week after week though, each of them pulling around 10,000 listeners every seven days.

Of course, four of them already feature on album American Idiot, so it’s enduring singles like “Basket Case” and, a little further down, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” that Armstrong would do well to riff off of when he pens the new musical.

Meanwhile, reaction to Armstrong’s appearance in the stage show has been phenomenal. Fanatic demand has brought him back to the show, and it’s not just ticket sales that are rising.

During his performances listener counts for Green Day songs are rising; not for his most popular tracks, but across the board. It suggests that press coverage has reignited fan interest and they’re spending more time with the trio’s catalog, not just the hits.

Who knows – with all the coverage in Green Day’s direction it could push the group onto the Glee set soon. Until then make sure the tracks you’re playing count in our charts by visiting


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