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The Ears Have It. Well, At Least Leigh Ann’s Does.

cartoon ear The Ears Have It. Well, At Least Leigh Anns Does.

Does your earlobe have any creases? Well if it does it could be telling you something. Check out Leigh Ann’s earlobe.

leigh anns ear e1294870789974 The Ears Have It. Well, At Least Leigh Anns Does.

Multiple studies show that linear wrinkles in one or both lobes may predict future cardiovascular events (heart attack, bypass surgery, or cardiac death.) A crease on one lobe raises the risk by 33%; a crease on both lobes increases it by 77%, even after adjusting for other known risk factors, found a study in The American Journal of Medicine. Though experts aren’t exactly sure, they suspect a loss of elastic fibers may cause both the crease and the hardening of arteries.

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  • sally

    Dr. Oz said the same thing last week.


    this hospice nurse clears you of any worry ! LOL ! the crease we are looking for starts about where your piercing is and travels down from there. This looks more like the result of heavy earrings. Now take a deep breath and relax. BREATH IN BREATH OUT ! LOL !

  • Maryrose

    You now have me looking at everyones earlobes!!..ha….glad to report mine are wrinkle free so far!

  • Carlita Storage

    this was this kind of great content. I’m definitely looking towards the following place.

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