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Thursday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Separation

delilah christmas 2010 Thursdays Delilahs Dilemma, Separation

Tonight’s dilemma is from a concerned sister, who is worried about her nieces welfare.

Rachel’s sister has recently married a man she only knew for a short while. Now she is splitting up her children from her former marriage. She is taking one daughter to live with her in another country while leaving the other daughter behind. Rachel is worried and doesn’t know what to do.

What words of wisdom can Delilah offer that will help Rachel with her dilemma?

Listen to Delilah’s Dilemma for Thursday, December 23rd.

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  • Gena Nixon

    Why would that mother want to split up her daughters like? This doesn’t make sense. I wonder if maybe the new husband might be behind this.
    1. How long had she know this person before they married?
    2. How does both daughters fell about the new husband?
    3. How does the father of both daughters fell about the ex taking 1 and leaving the country.
    4. I think I would contact my lawyer to see what rights the ex has on taken 1 daughter out of the country before she does this.

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