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Look What Julie Did To Leigh Ann’s Prada Bag

messy purse Look What Julie Did To Leigh Anns Prada Bag

Julie made a mess of Leigh Ann’s new Prada bag. What did she do?

Julie gave Leigh Ann a tiny piece of chocolate. It was forgotten, and then it melted. What a mess. The bag wasn’t even a week old! Don’t let this happen to you, keep chocolate, and Julie DeHarty, away from Prada.

  • Sarah

    At least you HAVE a Prada bag. When you first were telling this story you also mentioned and I Pad and a new jacket from another Country. Sounds like you have it a lot better than some people. Be happy for what you have. After all, this season is about more than material things, right? :)

  • Cindy

    Have you tried water and vinegar?

  • Mary Haverkorn

    Leigh Ann, Best cleaning tip is shaving cream, rub the foam in several times to lift stains. Give this one a try from the best lil stain remover I raised, my daughter, Daisy, mother to 3 kiddos.
    Love my drive home with you and Julie, Merry Christmas…

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