Natalie Portman Dances Her Way Into Black Swan

black swan Natalie Portman Dances Her Way Into Black Swan

Natalie Portman will be hitting the big screen this weekend in a new thriller called Black Swan.

Portman plays an obsessed ballet dancer who is trying for the lead in the play “Swan Lake”. Portman has a competitor, played by Mila Kunis, who makes Portman recognize her good side (white swan) and her dark side (black swan).

Barbara Hershey plays Portman’s mother who is caught up in a crazy madness all her own.

Reviews have been pretty good regarding Portman’s performance but overall, the film’s reviews have been mixed. See for yourself when Black Swan opens in theaters this Friday. Here’s the film’s website.

Showbiz Express had more on this and an upcoming musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Here’s the trailer.


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