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Gene And Julie’s Joke-Off Continues

laugh Gene And Julies Joke Off Continues

The Gene and Julie Morning Show has some great jokes you can tell at your office parties this year!


Gene, Julie, David Rancken and Julie DeHarty sat around exchanging jokes today.

Whose joke do you think was funniest?

  • Greg Sweeney

    I listen to your show every morning on my way to work and this morning you were talking about worst toys! I would love to see the list! You guys are great! I always try calling in but i never get throughl. :/

  • Carol

    A woman found a bottle with a genie inside. Once out the genie told her she would be granted 3 wishes, but whatever she wished for her husband would be given ten times more…………..

    1st wish……….a million dollars. The genie said “you understand your husband will get ten million……..right?” She said yes and Poof………..a million dollars!

    2nd wish……….to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The genie said “you understand your husband will be the most handsome man alive and women will be falling all over him, right?” “I understand” she told the genie. “And you want me to continue?” asked the genie. “Yes!” she said.

    3rd wish……………..”I’d like a mild heart attack” said the woman…………..

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