Steve Kemble Talks Susan Boyle On Glee

susan boyle Steve Kemble Talks Susan Boyle On Glee

[lastfm]Glee[/lastfm] has had a slew of guest stars this season, and now they are going to be adding [lastfm]Susan Boyle[/lastfm] to the list of fabulous famous cameos.

Steve Kemble has the details on [lastfm]Glee[/lastfm] and more!

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Steve Kemble’s Report:

Always on the movie, Steve is reporting to us from Utah today! He talks about [lastfm]Demi Lovato[/lastfm] going into rehab and [lastfm]Glee[/lastfm] continuing to be fabulous!

Watch [lastfm]Demi Lovato[/lastfm]’s video for Get Back:

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