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Who Has The Great Pumpkin, Leigh Ann Or Julie

large pumpkins21 e1288238147917 Who Has The Great Pumpkin, Leigh Ann Or Julie

The challenge has been issued, “Who can carve the best pumpkin?”  Leigh Ann or Julie?

So, Leigh Ann and Julie thought long and hard. “What shall we design?”, they said.  Then they both carved and carved. They have finished their creations. Now it is time for you to decide. Who has the best pumpkin, Leigh Ann or Julie?

Leigh Ann’s PUMP-kin

10282010 leigh ann pumpkin Who Has The Great Pumpkin, Leigh Ann Or Julie

Julie’s  Jack Pumpkin

10282010 julie pumpkin Who Has The Great Pumpkin, Leigh Ann Or Julie

Not bad. Now you vote.

Listener pumps it up.

  • Leslie

    You are so silly Leigh Ann! Yes, it is original but it is not “Halloweenish” lol

  • michele jones

    leigh anns pumpkin should win. I love heels!

  • Karen Wood

    Very creative! Traditional vs. the bling around the “pump”! (at least it looks like bling).

    I live in the vacinity of Tyler and listen to y’all everyday online. I grew up with KVIL and just wanted to say “thanks” for making me feel at home! Keep up the great work! Love ya!

  • Katherine

    Although I love Leigh Ann’s clever interpretation, Julie’s pumpkin does look the best.

  • Juanita

    I really like Leigh Ann’s pump-kin but there is nothing halloween about it. So in the spirit of Halloween, Julie should win.

  • Kim

    It was a tough choice, but I had to go with Leigh Ann’s PUMPkin :) I’m in love with shoes, so I definitely had to vote for you chicka!

  • Stephanie Simpson

    I think the Pump-kin idea is great. Very creative..

  • Kathleen

    No contest…Julie’s is by far the better pumpkin!

  • Cindy

    Boy that is sooooooo Leigh Ann and just as cute too. I agree though, it’s not Halloween enough.

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