Tony Zazza Has Fantastic Coupon Tips You Don't Want To Miss

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coupon savings Tony Zazza Has Fantastic Coupon Tips You Don't Want To Miss

Bet you would not have guessed that Tony Zazza loves to clip coupons! Tony’s a huge bargain shopper and his philosophy is why pay full prize if you don’t have to… Tony Zazza saves up to 60-90% a week on groceries just from clipping coupons!

Tips from Tony:

  • Check your local paper on Wednesdays and Sundays for the best coupons
  • Match Store sales coupons with Manufacture coupons
  • Only buy what you will consume! Don’t over stock
  • Or if you want to bulk up, make sure that you buy things with a long shelf life. (Pasta, Body Wash, Toothpaste, etc.)
  • Be sure to check your CVS receipt there may be cash back info printed on the bottom.

You may or may not be aware of this, but if you are shopping online and paying full price at check out, you aren’t doing it correctly! You are spending more than you should be!

I have found many ways to save tons of money. It has become a passion, maybe even a bit of an obsession. But I want to share this one secret with you that could save you a lot of money. This is a real simple process actually and you may already know this. But my question is do you practice this on a daily basis as you buy?

I mentioned before how to get the birthday hook up from a number of places. What is great about being apart of newsletters is on occasion they will send you coupons and codes to save on your orders. Did you also know that they offer different things and amounts to different people on their lists? Maybe you aren’t on their lists and still want to save and thought you couldn’t. Well I have news for you. YOU CAN! And BIG!

Next time you are online about to purchase something, before you click through the checkout process, open another window up and Google that company and the phrase “coupon code”. You will be amazed. I am not joking, most places have codes they offer various groups in their database. For instance, I just placed an order with Oriental Trading Company. I use them ALL the time for party supplies and usually have a decent offer from them. However, since I have started the process of Googling “Coupon Code” I have noticed there are even bigger savings out there. So my order from Oriental Trading could have had a discount offer of $5 off from their email offer, which $5 is $5 right? Instead I found a code for 20% off! Saved a lot more than $5. Just now I needed to renew a few domain names and buy a couple more. My offer from Go Daddy was 10% off all .com’s. Guess what, I found a 30% Off code online and saved tripled what my e-mail offer would have been.

It is one extra step in the purchasing process, but it could save you a lot. If you want to take it a step further, set up a note pad and start logging the money you save month to month from clipping coupons to online coupon codes. Put that or a portion of that money away in a savings account with an interest return and at the end of the year you will be shocked at what you have stock piled. Then you can reward yourself!

Just another time on how to make that dollar stretch a little further! Share with your friends!

Have a great day and thanks for listening!


Want more info about Tony’s three-ringer binder? Click Here to contact Tony Zazza.

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