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Mysterious Object On Leigh Ann's Waterfall

10112010 mysterious object leigh ann waterfall Mysterious Object On Leigh Ann's Waterfall

Mysterious object on Leigh Ann's waterfall.

What could this be on Leigh Ann’s waterfall?

A mysterious object has been discovered on the waterfall near Leigh Ann’s pool.

Can you guess what it is? Give us your guess below.

Here is a better look at the mysterious object.

waterfall closeup2 e1286834942246 Mysterious Object On Leigh Ann's Waterfall


The question is…Where is that snake now?

  • Linda

    OMG! I FINALLY go to your web page after all the times of laughing with Leanne and Julie…I FINALLY decide to go to your homepage and the picture won’t show!!!!!!!! So, I REALLY have no idea what it is and I was dying of curiosity in the car.

  • Linda

    Can anyone see it? Post it on FB

  • Nancy

    is it a snake?

  • Leslie

    is it a snake?

  • Amy C

    the skin of a snake

  • Teresa

    A snake

  • Jenifer

    Either a snake or a snakes skin from shedding?

  • Monica Morales

    Snake skin

  • Sandy

    Looks like a snake sunning himself.

  • Sharon

    Looks like a snake!

  • DEE


  • James Miller

    It appears to be a snake along the top of the water fall off to the left side of the photo that I am seeing. That isn’t a good thing with it being so close to the swimming pool area where people hang out a lot.

  • sue

    shedded snake skin

  • Teresa

    snake skin

  • Mary

    SNAKE!!! YUCK!!!

  • Kelley Hogan

    A water moccasin?

  • Rosalie

    lots of rock

  • Dianna

    Looks like a snake to me!

  • Irma

    Is it a snake? We get them all the time on our pool.



  • Wanda Bruce

    A dead snake?

  • Mike Cobern

    I think it’s a snake skin. So, if he shedded it uh o!!! I thought for sure it was going to be some bird or hawk. We had ducks once on our waterfall.

  • Shannon

    My guess is … it’s a snake’s skin, i.e. shedded snake skin! Eewww! Love your show!!!

  • Meagan

    its a snake

  • gail davis

    I think it is either a snake or hair extention

  • LeeAnn

    It looks like a snake’s skin.

  • Karen Domel

    Snake skin or dead snake

  • Jennifer Price

    A snake?

  • Kathy


  • John McClung

    Where is it in relation to the snake?

  • Julyia

    That would be a SNAKE hissssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Lisa

    Snake skin



  • Marcie

    that kinda looks like a really long baby snake!

  • Marcie

    That Kinda looks like a baby snake.

  • Gail

    Looks like a snake skin, EEEK!

  • Sally Garvin

    Well, it’s a SNAKE!!!!

  • Nette Flores

    Bird’s nest under The Waterfall somthing like that.

  • Julie Black

    We have found TWO snake skins by our water fall this year too. one was over 5 feet long and one was about a foot long, as if mom was teaching her baby how to use the roughness of the rocks to shed it’s skin. we have been finding a long snake skin about this time each year for the past few years that we have lived in this house. Our yard backs up to a field. When we researched the skin, we concluded it was a non-poisones Texas Brown Snake. Regardless, I don’t want the kids camping in the back yard any more.
    we live in the Garland/Murhpy/Sachse area.

  • Krystene Ellis

    It’s the skin of a snake silly!

  • Cindy

    GROSS, my father and brother killed a 6ft Rattler and now he has the skin on his tree in the front yard double yuck

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