Pink Urges Fans To Boycott Pet Stores

pink 385w Pink Urges Fans To Boycott Pet Stores

[lastfm]Pink [/lastfm]was in attendance at a Puppy Mill Awareness Day event on Saturday.

The event raises awareness on the horrors of puppy mills and encouraged potential pet owners to “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

Pink tweeted some powerful messages.

She Tweeted:

Its “puppymill awareness day”and I just got back from the incredible event at La Brea Tar Pits. Chris DeRose is amazing. No more puppy mills!!

And I finally met Cesar! The dog whisperer! He has really nice teeth. I fell in love with a puppy mill rescue bulldog! I ate her face

Puppy mills are awful, filthy, cruel places where dogs never see daylight, sleep in their own feces, and r bred over n over for pet stores.

Boycott pet stores people!!!!

“Please don’t leave”


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