The Kid’s Doctor – Sunday September 19, 2010

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If you’re talking about it in the carpool line, we’re talking about it on the radio show!

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Ask The Kid’s Doctor

Dr. Sue answers your questions and emails.

Concussions: Keeping Your Young Athlete Healthy

Dr. Sue discusses  the issue of concussion cases rising with young athletes.  What every parent and coach should know.

The Curse Of The Good Girl

Author Rachel Simmons talks to Dr. Sue about an undercurrent in society trying to drag down teenage girls.  Strategies parents can use to raise confident, courageous girls today.

What’s Cooking with Chef Dad?

A healthy afterschool snack:  Sweet Potato and Zucchini Loaf.

Tom Fleming, Award winning chef Crossroads Diner.

If you think your child might have and reading problems, watch this for help.

Is echinacea safe for kids? Watch this for the information.


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