Jon Bon Jovi’s Loud House Party

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“Ain’t No Party Like a Jon [lastfm]Bon Jovi [/lastfm]Party“…Until the Police show up!

Apparently, [lastfm]Jon Bon Jovi [/lastfm]knows how to throw a party!

This past weekend at his home out in the Hamptons, JBJ was partying so loud and so hard that the police had to show up.

There is a report in the NY Post that mentions JBJ had about 60 guests, including Jack Nicholson, at his home and were partying with live music and fireworks past the local 11pm sound curfew.

That’s when the Police showed up to shut down the stage.

When the police officers showed up JBJ invited them in to watch and he was able to perform one last song for his guests. Ok, we want to know who notified the police!

Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer

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