Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

fire extinguisher  Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: In High School, Julie DeHarty and her friends used to fill up a fire extinguisher with water, and then drive around town shooting water at random people walking down the street!

Let’s find out who was today’s Big Fat Liar

Congrats to Candace who identified David Rancken as the Big Fat Liar! Candace won a pair of tickets to see Nickelodeon’s ‘Storytime Live’ at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie! Click Here for more info.

Your next chance to win a fabulous prize, is Friday morning at 7:30amCST when we play Big Fat Liar!

For more info on Nickelodeon, Click Here.

So now you know, Julie DeHarty had a wild side! Gene and Julie are still trying to figure out how these feral animals are getting in their house!

Not sure what a Great Horned Owl looks like?

great horned owl  Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Here’s a cool video that gives details about this beautiful creature:


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