Who Is Aerosmith’s Front Man?

beat david rancken 385 kvil17 Who Is Aerosmith’s Front Man?

Our in house pop-culture guru, challenges you to his entertainment questions. Can you Beat David Rancken?

Here are today’s questions:

1)  Who is the lead singer of the group that has members;  [lastfm]Brad Whitford[/lastfm], [lastfm]Joey Kramer[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Joe Perry[/lastfm]?

2)  This man’s ex-wife is now engaged to a 21 year old, who’s the friend of her son?

3)  What sports team is up for auction today?

4)  Who is the highest paid actress this year?

5)  Who is the Celebrity Apprentice right now?


1)  Steven Tyler.  The group is Aerosmith

2)  Hulk Hogan

3)  Texas Rangers

4)  Sandra Bullock

5)  Bret Michaels


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