Lady Gaga’s night out

lady gaga385 Lady Gaga’s night out

There is ongoing speculation that [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] and her former boyfriend, bartender Luc Carl, have rekindled their romance after the pop star was spotted visiting the bar where her former beau works on Saturday night.

The Paparazzi singer was reportedly seen drinking red wine with her bodyguard by her side at the bar at St Jeromes in New York, the venue where Carl is employed. “She was playing it really cool.

You would not have known they were together,” a witness told the New York Post reports.

Rumours about the couple are such that staff at the hip bar have reportedly been told to tell anyone enquiring Carl to deny knowing him, with a sign near the telephone that instructs them to say to callers: “I don’t know Luc.”

Lady Gaga will be in Dallas next week for 2 concerts at the AAC.

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